Google Inbox vs GMail

January 09, 2017 - Søren Alsbjerg Hørup

Some months back I made the switch from GMail to Inbox. Primary reason was that I was intrigued by the capabilities and filtering functionality provided by Inbox. I really like the concept of hiding detail by grouping mails into different categories and by hiding mails which are marked as Done.

YesterdayI switched back from Inbox to GMail. Simply put, hiding details is great in concept but does not work in reality (atleast for me). After a few months of Inbox usage I came to realize that I had lost overview - although mails were correctly categories, moved, etc. i struggled with my mail management.

In GMail (and nearly any other e-mail application) mails are typically sorted chronologically from top to bottom, in different folders which the e-mail application user has manually created. The latter means that I as a user is in complete charge of how much detail I want to expose in my daily-day.

For now, I have decided that I always want to see ALL my mail from top to bottom. I used flag/priorities to mark mails which are important - I use this for both work and private. Regarding the postpone feature provided by Inbox, I use a task-management system instead (specifically Todoist).

Right now I am a happy e-mail user…