Lakka Distro

January 03, 2017 - Søren Alsbjerg Hørup

Lakka is a Linux distribution which includes the RetroArch emulator out of the box. In addition, it includes configurations for many different input controllers, such as the PS3 controller, XBOX 360 controller, among others.

I had an old PC laptop laying about with a semi broken screen that I have decided to convert into a Lakka installation, just for fun.

Super easy to get started, simply *flash* a USB with the Lakka distro and boot from it either in Live mode or Install mode.

After installation, one can setup SSH and push ROMS to the storage of the device. Lakka will, after a scan is initiated, find and identify all the game roms.

The only two issues I encountered where the inability to setup my WiFi connection and RetroArch’s menu system being too slow on my 1.6Ghz singlecore ATOM powered laptop.

The latter was due to Lakka was default configured with a *shader powered* menu system requiring a somewhat beefy GPU, or, let me rephrase the latter, requiring a GPU which were more powerful than the Integrated and nearly non-existing GPU features in the ATOM… It is however possible to configure RetroArch to use a less demanding menu system, as shown below: