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Windows 10 - Virtual Desktop

February 15, 2017 - Søren Alsbjerg Hørup

Microsoft introduced the Virtual Desktop concept with the introduction of Windows 10. This is similar/direct clone of how many Linux distributions support multiple desktops, allowing multiple desktop instances to house separate windows.

Simply put, this feature is awesome when working on multiple projects at once, since one can layout the windows in the order that make sense for one particular project without sacrificing the layout of another project on another desktop.

For work, I typically have a desktop for my Outlook + misc documents while a second desktop houses my Visual Studio + other dev related stuff. I typically have a third desktop for music playback / other media.

This setup is especially powerfull when working on server/client projects at the same time.

One desktop can hold the Server related development, while another desktop can hold the client related development. Switching between desktop is as easy as using WIN + CTRL + left/right arrow keys.

If something comes up, e.g. a support case during work, one can simply create a total new desktop to take care of this using WIN + CTRL + D. This allows one to easily resume work on an existing project when the case has been resolved.

Toggl - Quick Look

January 27, 2017 - Søren Alsbjerg Hørup

Toggl is an online service and app that can help keeping track on what you spent your time on. For my purposes, to keep track of what I work on project-wise, I installed the Windows desktop which is shown in they Windows tray as a on/off icon.

The app supports nagging reminders if I have forgotten to enable tracking, and it supports the notation of Projects and Descriptions. The first means that it is possible to create multiple projects, such as the names of the projects that I am working on in the moment. The latter means that one can describe exactly what is being worked on in a specific project, e.g. “implementing rendering”, “testing rendering”.

The desktop application for Windows

This is a very powerful way of getting a quick overview of how time is spent across a project - if one remembers to track that is. On, it is possible to see reports and dashboards of how time is spent each day or week.

It also support clients, i.e. who should be billed for the time spent, and team support, i.e. sharing time management between more than yourself and billing support. I have not tried to use these features yet, I am not even sure they are supported in the free version.

An advanced feature that the desktop application supports is auto-tracking. I have no idea how this feature works, but I believe it detects what I am doing and automatically tracks this on to one or more projects.

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Woodchip Wallpaper Removal

January 14, 2017 - Søren Alsbjerg Hørup

I am currently in the process of renovating one of my rooms in my house. First thing first is removing the old woodchip wallpaper. Removal of the first layer of paint/wallpaper was easy, the last layer was a bit hard.

My guess is that the bottom layer includes the cohesive which is hard to remove. Using a waterspray and making the wall totally wet made for a world of difference. After 5-10 minutes of letting the wallpaper soak up the water, removal was much easier.


I could literally get under the wallpaper and scrape it off in chunks. The places where the wallpaper was still sticking to the wall, I simply added a bit more water and waited a few minutes.