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Mind Technique for Recalling Stuff

January 13, 2017 - Søren Alsbjerg Hørup

During my Lakka experiment (the Linux distro containing Retroarch and libretro) I had real trouble remembering the Lakka name when talking about the distro. I had to google “Linux emulator distro” several times since I forgot the name Lakka.

This puzzled me, why the heck could I not remember the term Lakka?!?! Google did not answer this question, however, Google provided me with a mind technique that might help me. By connecting the word I want to retain in my memory to something already in my memory, I can think of the latter and remember the first.

I tried this for Lakka, where I divided Lakka into Lak + Ka.

Lak is varnish in Danish.

Ka does not have any meaningful meaning in danish, but Kar, which comes close, is tub in Danish. In my mind I connected Lakka to Lak + Kar (a vanished tub), by repeating Lakka equals Lak + Kar 5-7 times during the day.

Conclusions: this worked! I can now easily recall Lakka by thinking about Lak, which is linked to Kar and combined sounds very much like Lakka.

Great success!