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Weight Loss using Fasting

April 20, 2019 - Søren Alsbjerg Hørup

I have steadily been losing weight since Summer 2014, where I weighed roughly 107 kg.

Yesterday, I hit another milestone: 85 kg on the scale. (85.8 kg to be exact, but who cares about decimals right?).

My weight in 2017 and 2018 was hovering, on average, around 95 kg and I was not progressing down on the scale.

In late October 2018, with the scale still showing 95 kg, I decided to try something new: Intermittent fasting.

Specifically, I skipped breakfast and lunch once a week.

Mondays were designated as the fasting day. where I only consumed water and coffee until about 16:00.

The effects were immediate! I quickly lost a few kilograms of weight, with early December showing 93 kg - loss of 2 kg.

With Christmas and new years eve out of the way, 1. January 2019 the scale showed a weight of 94.7 kg.

I decided for a simple weight loss scheme based upon intermittent fasting:

  1. I would track my weight every day, using google sheets
    • Easy: this I already do.
  2. I would set a weekly target of 500 g weight loss.
    • Hard: with an average of 60 g / week the last four years, I believed this was very optimistic.
  3. I would cut down on cardio, and do weight lifting instead.
    • 2/3 weight lifting, 1/3 cardio (exercise bike)
  4. I would skip breakfast and lunch every time my daily target was not met
    • Easy: tracking my daily weight + my target weight every day made this a breeze.

Using the scheme above I lost 6.8 kg of weight in three months translating to 566 g / week!

In addition - due to the weight lifting I gained muscle! I plan to follow the same scheme until hitting 80 kg of body weight.

All in all: