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Number of Views after moving to Gatsby

June 09, 2020 - Søren Alsbjerg Hørup

After moving my blog from to my Gatsby powered blog, I ensured that all my links indexed by Google and backlinked from other sites were still valid by having redirects from the original urls to the new urls.

Yesterday, I did a quick analysis of my traffic that shows that my strategy was a success.

As seen on the following graph, I have about 49 sessions per week. Not much, but roughly the same as when I had my blog running.

2020 06 09 05 52 14

Looking at my traffic sources, most of the traffic is organic from search engines, primarily Google. This indicates that my redirects from the existing index urls works as intended.

2020 06 09 05 52 52

Finally, looking at the page report, I can see that my recharts and intel posts are still the most viewed, which was also the case for my blog.

2020 06 09 05 53 17

All in all, the move did not affect my SEO negatively.